What J.D Martinez Brings to the Sox

February 26, 2018

David Ortiz retired in 2016 as the primary power hitter for the Red Sox and they were not able to fill his role last season. They hit very few home runs in a year where home runs were being hit at a record pace across the league. Their number one priority this offseason was finding a bat for the middle of the lineup, and Dave Dombrowski proved once again that he is not afraid to make the big time moves. The Red Sox finally came to a contract agreement with J.D. Martinez who will play a huge part in filling that power hitting role. Take a look at Martinez’s 2017 statistics:





















Take a peek at how many games he played last year. That's right, this guy actual hit 45 home runs and drove in 104 runs despite missing 43 games. Last season was his best, but it was not a fluke. His career batting average is .285, and he boasts career 162 game averages of 32 home runs and 100 RBIs. In my opinion he was the most proven power hitting batter in this year’s free agent class and he also has the ability to hit for average.

Martinez is not a good defensive fit with the Red Sox roster. He has played in the outfield his entire career where the Sox already have three good players, so he is expected to be the designated hitter most of the time. This means that Hanley Ramirez will return to first base where he played better than most expected him to be two years ago, and the recently re-signed Mitch Moreland will be a part time player. There is reason to be concerned about Martinez’s injury issues, but taking him off the field and keeping his role in the batter’s box will likely extend his career.

Martinez was starting to lose fans in Boston by holding out for more money, but now that the two sides have agreed to a reasonable deal, everyone seems to be excited to have him around. His contract is front loaded with player options to opt out after the second and third season. This contract structure is good for J.D. because it gives him flexibility. It is also a good deal for the Red Sox because they are not committed to paying him obscene money when he gets older, and he will only opt out if he outperforms his contract, which would mean two to three seasons of amazing offensive output. Everyone involved should be pleased with this deal and now they can put the money talk aside to focus on baseball.

Martinez has never been part of a long playoff run, but he was one of the leaders on a competitive Diamondbacks team last season. Even though they did not win the NDLS, J.D. had a great individual playoff series. The Red Sox are a young team and they were desperate for leadership last year, so they are hopeful he will bring stability to the clubhouse along with his power bat. This move is a terrific response to the Yankees’ acquisition of NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton, and the Red Sox are back in the race for the American League title. I look forward a renewed rivalry between the Sox and Yanks now that they are back to legitimate World Series contention. Bring on the 2018 MLB season!

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