Time Under Tension Training

February 23, 2018


Time Under Tension Training: (TUT)
- This is a great tool to utilize to break through a plateau or see some added strength and growth! This type of training focuses on the eccentric or “negative” portion of the exercise! Although you can use it on the concentric, I like doing the eccentric but you do you! Going down for 4-5 seconds and then exploding and contracting the muscle I feel really tears apart the fibers and shocks the muscle. Give @thibarmy‘s mTor training a try. It’s super effective and is a great additive to Training any muscle group. For example, the next time you train chest, do some incline dumbbell presses but lighten up the weight and do 3 sets of 8-10 reps with each reps negative being 4-5 seconds long. On set 3 hold your last negative rep for as long as you can tolerate in the stretched position! It hurts so good!

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