The MVP Race

February 13, 2019

If the NBA season ended today, who would be MVP?

It's been an exciting year of NBA basketball so far. There have been some surprise teams and players that have us at the edge of our seats waiting for the next move. Who is most deserving of MVP so far this year? Here are our picks in the hunt:

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

It's hard to argue against Giannis as the Bucks have an NBA best 42-14 record... this is only two wins less than they had all of last year! Winning has been shown to play a crucial part in the voting process so Giannis has that part down. He's also putting up unreal numbers this year to go along with it. His stats this year:

PPG: 27.1

FG %: 58.2

RPG: 12.6

APG: 5.9

He's also averaging 1.4 blocks and steals per game. Giannis is getting it done in every aspect of the game and it's no secret he's the reason the Bucks are at the top of the NBA standings right now.

2. Paul George

Coming in hot at #2 is Paul George. This was a tough pick as #3 on our list could have easily been 2nd as well, but I truly think Paul George has put himself in this conversation. After all... it is MVP right? Some people often get this award mistaken for whoever puts up the best offensive numbers (cough cough Harden). Paul George has shown he can do it all this year. Not only is he a front runner for Defensive Player Of The Year, but he's also getting buckets.

PPG: 28.7

RPG: 8.0

APG: 4.1

3 Point %: 41.4

SPG: 2.3

The Thunder are 3rd in the Western Conference with a 37-19 record. I truly believe the Thunder would be far worse without PG13 this year. Without their star defender (Roberson), Paul George has had to cover the opposing teams best player every game. Putting up those offensive numbers on top of that should put him in the MVP talks for sure.

3. James Harden

At #3 is the reigning MVP himself, James Harden. He's had an offensively historic year this year with 30+ straight games of scoring 30 points or more... and during this streak he managed to go off quite a few times. He's the type of player that if the Rockets are on National TV, you tend to wanna watch. Here are Harden's numbers this year:

PPG: 36.5

RPG: 6.7

APG: 7.8

FG %: 44.1

3 Point %: 37.4

As you can see... those are some amazing offensive numbers, but what really hurts Harden is the notion around the league that he doesn't play any defense and chases his stats. I'm not saying I exactly agree with this, but he doesn't even compare to the type of defensive player that PG13 is. If this award was for best offensive player, Harden would win it hands down... but it's not. 

It's a tight race all around and any of these players could make a push to win the award. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out.



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