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June 4, 2019

Discovering your strength can be an ultimate goal for life. But what is the strength you are looking for and where is the source? Attending a gym could be one source for becoming stronger or more physically fit. However, it seems there is more that can be gained from attending a gym than just getting into “better shape”. From a short synopsis of my own experience, I have discovered that there is more to the gym than simply weight lifting or using the cardio equipment. It is a community. 

In the past year of attending a very well-known and national gym, I have made some great personal gains in my strength and overall muscular structure. Okay, I have gotten a lot more “jacked” than I was a year before to put it in simple terms. But getting jacked has not been the end-all to my results at the gym, as I have discovered over the past year. Building a community around me has become a crucial part of my daily routine in the world of physical fitness. It is possible to say that it’s only certain personality types or the atmosphere of a particular place that allows for a better sense of community. Whatever it may be there is no denying that my workouts come with more than highly caffeinated pre-workout mixtures and 2+ hours of weight lifting. Those workouts have provided a chance to meet some new acquaintances, really great friends, and an awesome girlfriend. Not only have I had this opportunity to meet some wonderful people, I have been able to improve my life through conversation with others, learning about their lives while understanding how I can improve my own through sound advice and general encouragement. From 87 years young to those who are barely starting college, I have met men and women who have come to this place with at least one goal in mind; self-improvement. This sense of community has not only been a valuable coping mechanism for me through difficult times, but it has created some lasting friendships that are limited only to the gym. In fact, you would not even be reading this article if it wasn’t for the gym. Maybe the gym is just my niche for now, but I would like to believe it is a place for like-minded individuals to gather who choose to take the time for self-improvement and possibly good conversation.

Many good things have occurred after a year at the gym. The sense of community I have built is one thing that keeps me motivated to continue improving myself through physical fitness. However, I believe that being around like-minded individuals has improved my life in more ways than I anticipated with my membership. One never knows the good things that will happen once she or he decides to self-improve. Take that step. Hey, and why not take that step on the stair master? But don’t forget to talk with the person next to you. You may never know what you might learn! 

Seth Thompson - ATG Writer

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