Terry Rozier

November 7, 2018

Terry Rozier is reportedly unhappy with his playing time and could be traded soon. Would this make sense for the Celtics? There are about 7 teams who have expressed interested in trading for Rozier.

Why It Makes Sense

Trading Rozier makes sense for all the reasons that don't relate to playing on the court. Obviously the Celtics would love to keep Rozier because of the player he is developing into but it doesn't make sense to keep him. His rookie contract expires after this year and he is looking to get paid the big bucks. He rejected a qualifying offer from the Celtics for over $10 million a year. If Boston doesn't trade him this year they will most likely lose him to free agency for nothing since they don't have enough to pay him. Kyrie Irving's contract is also up this year so you know the C's are going to pay him for the long term. 

Who could the Celtics get for him? It'll be interesting to see what the market is for Terry Rozier. Will Boston look for some picks, young players, or a proven veteran to add? The Suns have been a team that is high on Rozier and looking to trade for him... but what could they offer? Josh Jackson and someone else? I feel like Ayton and Booker are off limits, so who knows what else they'd be able to piece together for a player like Rozier.

Why It Sucks

Ever since Rozier had a breakout playoffs run last year, Boston fans have fallen in love with his fun style of play. Scary Terry will be missed.


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