LeBron Robbed of MVP?

November 19, 2018

Was LeBron robbed of MVP last year in Cleveland? Maybe, maybe not. James Harden was definitely well deserving of the award, but did he win it because HE also got robbed the previous year? Harden won the players choice for MVP, but not the actual award itself, which went to Westbrook and the year before that it went to Curry. It was basically a given that the award would go to a guy like Harden who was deserving for years.... but the argument can be made that the king was more deserving.

Here is the argument for LeBron as MVP last year:


LeBron - 

27.5 PPG - 8.6 RPG - 9.1 APG - 54.2 FG %

Harden -

30.4 PPG - 5.4 RPG - 8.8 APG - 44.9 FG %

The numbers aren't crazily different, but you can see LeBron had better numbers all across the board on a worse team. In my mind, LeBron is not only the best player in the world, but he proved to be the most valuable that year as well. This is something the NBA doesn't seem to be consistent with... is the award for best player with the best stats, or the player most valuable to his team? It is supposed to be the most valuable to their team, but it seems to change every year.


LeBron and the Cavs:

The Cavs ended up in the finals last year where they lost to the Warriors dynasty.. but the real question is how did they even make it that far? If you haven't been paying attention to the NBA this year, the Cavs are the worst team in the NBA with a 2-12 record... setting them up for a #1 pick in the draft. The only key player they lost was LeBron. That is the difference right there. They went from being one of the best teams and losing in the finals to the worst team in the league. That proves how VALUABLE the king was to Cleveland. You think the Lakers have a bad roster right now? Well if you took LeBron away from both teams... the Lakers have the better roster.

Harden and the Rockets:

The Rockets lost in the Western Conference Finals last year to the Warriors. They had a great year, but was Harden as valuable to the Rockets as LeBron was to the Cavs? I don't think so. The Rockets are still a playoff team without Harden because of key players like Chris Paul, Clint Capela, etc. The Cavs have proved this year that they are definitely not a playoff team without LeBron.

Both players had a good case for MVP, but LeBron was more deserving if you ask me.

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