Keanu Reeves

June 4, 2019

Life was never just a walk through for Keanu Reeves. At age 3 he watched his dad walk out and abandon the family. He attended 4 different high schools due to his moms struggles with divorce. Learning was never easy for him as he dealt with dyslexia. At age 17 he dropped out of high school and moved to L.A, obtaining a green card through his step dad. At age 23 his best friend died of a drug overdose. In 1998 it seemed like things were looking up, he married Jennifer Syme, whom he would father a baby with, but unfortunately the baby was stillborn at 8 months. This would lead to their divorce, and she would then die in a car accident 18 months later. It was as this moment he hit rock bottom. He turned to acting as a getaway and landed some star roles making him a multi-millionaire. He would end up donating millions of his Matrix salary to cancer foundations and other organizations. No matter where you are in life just remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep going. #AllThingsGood

All Things Good (@AllThingsGoodCo)

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