Josh Gordon

September 18, 2018

How Josh Gordon Will Change the Patriots

Hunter Perkins ( @hunterperkins_ )- ATG Writer

The Cleveland Browns got robbed. Josh Gordon could get cut next week and the it still wouldn’t look bad for the Patriots. Josh Gordon is a physical freak of nature that can explode any given Sunday. He is the only receiver EVER to record back-to-back 200-yard receiving games. This dude is a freak athlete with a drug problem.

Gordon has been suspended multiple times in his career, mostly in part of his countless failed drug tests. The man likes to smoke marijuana, and it has kept him from getting paid like the talent he is.

Josh Gordon is joining a receiving corps that consists of Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett, and runnings backs James White and Sony Michel. That is a ton of talent for a team trying to give Tom Brady one more ring. So how will Gordon fit in with his new team and what will he bring to the table?

There are three main things that Josh Gordon will vastly improve with the Patriots; however, none of this will happen unless he is able to get a grasp of the playbook and stay out of trouble.

Deep Threat

Okay I’ll say it, the Patriots don’t have a deep threat right now. Phillip Dorsett could be, but his routes have been mostly short and middle distance. Chris Hogan goes deep once in a while, but he doesn’t have the size or burners to outmatch his opponents. Josh Gordon is 6’3, 230 lbs of beast. He’s fast, but it’s his size and hands that allow him to come down with the ball more times than not. Expect deep routes early and often for Gordon.

Third Down

So yeah, I mentioned how big and fast Josh Gordon is. This will help make third downs a lot easier for this offense. Gordon is going to command four eyes on him, which means someone else will be open. If Gordon is single-covered, he will be able to use and abuse the mismatch with a variety of short routes. He is going to make Tom Brady’s life a hell of a lot easier.

Bail Out Catches

Tom Brady is still a very accurate quarterback. Having said that, he misses throws a couple times a game that he should make. Having Gordon’s large frame will help minimize these mistakes. He has always had the ability to make spectacular catches due to his massive catch radius. I think we’re due to see a couple jaw-dropping plays from the former Cleveland Brown.

This season just got a lot more fun.




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