Jim Carrey

April 25, 2018

Life wasn’t always easy for star actor Jim Carrey. He faced a lot of struggles growing up:
• Was dyslexic and struggled in school
• Had a hard time making friends
• Family struggled with poverty
To help make ends meet, Carrey worked as a janitor after school for 8 hours a day. The exhaustion of it all got to him as he couldn’t focus in class, so he dropped out of school at the age of 15. It was so bad for his family that the 4 of them were once living in a van for 8 months, finding campgrounds to park in. He then decided to give stand up comedy a try to make a little extra cash... but was booed off the stage his first night. Carrey credits his early life and the law of attraction for his success. During his struggles he wrote a fake check for $10 million marked with “acting services rendered”. He continued to believe he could make it and that he would someday cash it in. Fast forward to 1994 where his dreams came true. He received a check of that size from his star role in ‘Dumb And Dumber’. He made it. #AllThingsGood

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