J.K Rowling

May 1, 2018

She had been rejected by several colleges before finally getting accepted. She dealt with a variety of family issues including divorce and the passing of her mother due to multiple sclerosis. Writing was always her getaway from it all, which eventually led her to the creation of Harry Potter. After she moved in with her sister following the divorce, she finally finished the manuscript for the very first Harry Potter book... but got rejected by all 12 major publishing houses who claimed the story would never be successful. But she didn’t give up. She knew she had something valuable. A couple years later after the rejections, a small publishing house by the name of Bloomsbury loved the idea and published the book. Harry Potter went on to be one of the most successful series ever and J.K Rowling became the first author to become a billionaire through book writing. Don’t ever let someone tell you you’re not good enough. #AllThingsGood

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