FIFA World Cup Preview

March 6, 2018


The FIFA World Cup. It doesn’t get any better than that in sports (maybe the Olympics) where 32 nations proved their regions are the best to compete the World Cup. There are nations who are underdogs. There are favorites. There are the must win World Cup. Only 100 days left till the World Cup starts, here’s a brief reasoning why they can win the World Cup:

Germany: The World Champions of last World Cup are looking better than ever. Their youth system keeps improving and managers from top leagues already got eyes on these young stars, but they have a tough task right away in the group stage (Mexico, Sweden, South Korea). Although they’re still favorites to be on top of the group, their physical and technical game are top notch, even facing bigger opponents. Will Germany defend their title?! After all, they’ve won the Confederations Cup with only their “B” team.

Argentina: With the heroics of the man himself, Messi gave Argentina a spot for the World Cup after notching a hat-trick away from home against Ecuador. Suffering from 3 major tournaments as finalists, Messi and Argentina will do anything they can to lift that Cup. Messi is aging (30) but still in his prime where Argentina can have their best and last chance for Messi to win it all. Keep an eye on Messi, as he will lead his team creating chances and defending his own goal. Considered as the greatest player in the world in this generation, winning it all gives Messi’s legacy into a conversation as the GOAT.

France: Hosting the Euros and losing the final is the worst, but Les Blues showed the world they can cause damage. With such a young squad playing top clubs like Mbappe, Martial and Coman, Pogba will lead them up to attack and command the midfield. Griezmann continues with his goal scoring routine in Madrid. Les Blues will be a tough team to beat. After experiencing a lost in the Euros, there’s no doubt France will respond with a bang. Look out for this team, as they will be looking to attack all 90 minutes.

Portugal: At last, Ronaldo and Portugal won a major tournament (Euros). Portugal is a strong team in the WC, but struggles against major teams. Somehow they have their ways to win matches. By winning matches, meaning scoring a goal from a counter attack and defend the entire game. Their game wasn’t pretty in the Euros, but they managed to win it all. They will rely on their captain, CR7, Ronaldo to score goals. Ronaldo is a leader, a commander who will lead his team to victory at all cost. The all time goal scorer is at his prime (33)with a strong defensive team, there’s no doubt Portugal could go all the way, but they must stick together defensively.

Brazil: After a disappointing run in the Copa Americana, Brazil dominated the WC qualifiers and brought back the “Yoga Bonito”. Everyone will watch what will Neymar do next on the field. Brazil is another team that has no weakness around the pitch. They’ll be playing technical football, as well as embarrassing players with their great skills. Don’t be surprised Neymar and others players like Costa and Willian demolishing the flanks. They’ve been playing great football since the beginning of the WC qualifiers. Can they keep their Yoga Bonito momentum going to the finals!?

Ronie Morales - ATG Soccer Insider

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