Durant Drama

November 16, 2018

Recent drama in Golden State has sparked a lot of talk about where Kevin Durant will play next year. According to reports, Draymond Green told Durant that he's a bitch and they don't need him. He went on to say they proved they could win without him. Now we know this is just competitive nature and an in the moment argument, but will Durant actually stay with the Warriors next year? I honestly feel like this was bound to happen and explode at some point and I truly believe Durant was going to leave even before the argument with Draymond. IF Durant doesn't return to the Warriors next season, here are the 3 teams I think are the front runners:

New York Knicks

There has been speculation for quite some time that Durant is interested in playing for the Knicks and possibly teaming up with some talent when he goes there. The Knicks will have two max-contract slots open as well as the intriguing possibility of playing with Porzingis (whom Durant gave the nickname Unicorn to). Jimmy Butler has also expressed interest in going to the Knicks so that could also play a part in this. Durant is from the east coast, so a big market like NYC could be appealing to him. Will he go? Who knows... but there is definitely interest with both parties.

Los Angeles Lakers

Along with the Knicks and Warriors, the Lakers seem like one of the front runners to land Durant. They have upcoming talent alongside an all time great in LeBron. Imagine if the two best players in the world teamed up together. A lineup such as Lonzo, Ingram, Durant, LeBron, and someone else sounds great... but there is also another piece potentially in play. There have been rumors that Durant, LeBron, and Anthony Davis might team up in L.A next year... but if this were to happen the Lakers would need to trade for A.D because his contract isn't up until 2021 when he'll be an UFA. If it were to happen, would that team be the new favorite? You be the judge.

Oklahoma City Thunder

This is an option that is either all or nothing. It doesn't seem likely, but you never know. There have been rumors about an NBA team going back to Seattle. If OKC decided to be one of those teams interested I believe they would have Durant's attention. He has expressed interest multiple times that he'd love to play in Seattle again. Even if thats not the case, the OKC could still be in the picture... maybe Durant will pull a LeBron and try to bring a championship back to the team that drafted him.




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