D1 Bound

April 2, 2018

Duncan Robinson is far more than just a D-1 basketball player for Michigan, he’s a player who never gave up on his dreams. Robinson used to be a D-3 player for a small college out of Mass called Williams College. He then made the biggest move of his life, transferring to a top tier conference to play for Michigan. Within his first year he became a starter and made a huge impact for the Wolverines. He now plays more than 25 minutes a game and has accepted a role off the bench. The former D-3 standout now has a shot at a national championship at the biggest level of college ball. This just goes to show that you should always follow your dreams, even if it means taking big risks to get there. Like Steve Jobs always said, “follow your heart and intuition... they somehow know what you truly want to become.” #AllThingsGood

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