Cavs @ Thunder

February 13, 2018

Tonight the new look Cavs have their second straight challenge- the OKC Thunder. After the Cavs recent takedown of the Celtics, some insiders are already back on the bandwagon and ready to give them the East crown once again. I say pump the brakes on that thought. Can we really expect that level of production to continue every game for Clarkson(17 Pts, 7-11 FG), Hood(15 Pts 6-11 FG), and Hill(12 Pts)? I say no. The additions to the Cavs roster are definitely improvements to the former old and outdated roster, but I think people are jumping the gun on this one... It was only 1 game!! The new players will continue to show up and add some much needed athletic ability, I just don't think we can expect that type of shooting efficiency from the floor every game. So what will happen when those players have bad games, or a losing streak occurs? Will the team resort to pointing fingers once again? It will be interesting to see how this new look roster deals with adversity as well as the drama that comes with Lebron the GM.

Tonight will be a great game. My pick to win is the Thunder. This will ultimately be a more challenging game for the Cavs as the Thunder have a more dynamic offense with scoring weapons... I mean can we really expect George Hill to contain Russ? We'll find out tonight!

Tommy - ATG Sports

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