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August 6, 2018



What a perfect album. The 800+ days of waiting seem so worth it now. Travis released Astroworld last Friday and the music industry + the fans have taken notice. After Rodeo and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight showed serious potential, Astroworld shows the full spectrum of Travis’ creativity. The beats, transitions and lyrics pull together perfectly. If you’re a fan of hip-hop, you liked this album. If you’re fan of Travis Scott, you loved Astroworld.


Astroworld is projected to sell 450-500k units in its first week. That would trail only Scorpion and Beerbongs and Bentley’s in 2018. The album was headlined by the lead single, “Stargazing,” which immediately gets the listeners in a spacey mood. The vibe of the album could not be better. So what songs are the best? Well, here’s my top five.


(Disclaimer: Butterfly Effect does not make this list because it was released a long time ago.)


  1. RIP Screw


Travis Scott is joined by Swae Lee in the most melodic banger of the album. Swae Lee gets the mood in the right place with an early verse accompanied by smooth autotune. The beat is laid back with some small edm features. This song possesses arguably the best chorus of the album, with Travis using a higher pitch autotune than normal. It makes you wish you were in a car cruising through a big city in the summer with the windows down. This song will be around a for while, as its RnB vibe gives a different look of Travis.


  1. Yosemite


This song could be even higher on the list without a mediocre NAV verse. Although I’m not his biggest fan, I just think he could have come in a lot harder and finished the song with emphasis. Fortunately, the feature of Gunna fits in perfect with the song. He leads it off with a smooth verse on a nice beat that leads right into Travis spitting a couple bars. While this song won’t amp you up, it will put you in the right place. Yosemite could have used a verse from Young Thug, as the beat and vibe fits him perfectly. Perhaps a remix in the future?


  1. No Bystanders


The party anthem of the album. A fast beat combined with Travis Scott spitting his flow will always play well. Juice WRLD lays off a soft chorus that perfectly sets up both of Trav’s verses. Travis spits his verse with fluidity and makes you want to jump up and down and pump your fist. The added vocals and sounds make this song just that much more of a banger. No Bystanders is the song to play if you wanna get hyped.


  1. Sicko Mode


Of course, the song with Drake will always make an album’s top five. Drake and Travis have down work together before, but this will surely be their most popular for a while. This song uses two completely different beats. Drake and Travis rap over their own beats, switching back and forth in a perfectly produced fashion. Travis get’s a trap beat that he does wonders with. Minimal autotune Travis is when he drops his fire. After his verse is done, the beat switches back into Drake’s fast car-chase type beat. Drake drops his hook before Travis comes in to finish this job. This song will be popular for a long time just based on who is in it, let alone the fact that it’s a certified banger. Sicko Mode is here to stay, and will probably be the most memorable track off the album.


  1. Can’t Say


This song simply bangs. A great chorus with nice verses, led by a Don Toliver feature, makes this track the best on the album. Travis raps over a smooth beat that’s just fast enough to get pumped to. He sets the tone for Toliver, who drops the most unexpectedly great feature of the album. Don’s voice is perfect for the track and beat. He drops three hook lines in thirty seconds and keeps the audience way into the vibe. No one saw it coming, but Toliver might be able to make a career solely led by this song. This summer jam will be played for years on my playlist. This was a new type of song from Travis, and it did not disappoint. In fact, it was the best on the album.


Hunter Perkins - ATG Writer (@AllThingsGoodCo)



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