Are Millennials Misunderstood?

November 16, 2018

Why is it that whenever shit hits the fan it always comes back to "those damn millennials"? From supposedly eating tide pods to college debt, are millennials just misunderstood?

It seems like the media often has it out for the generation known as millennials (considered ages 21-37). Why is that? Is it jealousy from previous generations? Or are millennials just unusual? Maybe a little of both. When it comes to this issue, something that often gets used (much like the rest of society issues) is generalizing. This happens with a lot of issues within society, which is unfair to the party involved. A while back there was breaking news all over media that millennials are eating tide pods and condoms. Last time I checked I've never met anyone that has done such a thing. Just because one person did it doesn't mean the rest do. You also hear about millennials being the generation glued to their phones and not engaging face-to-face with people. We are often blamed for how technology is advancing too fast... but none of us created the atmosphere we live in today. We were born into it. Knowing we could be on camera at any time, shortage of privacy, and much more.

The millennial generation is statistically the smartest generation to ever live having the most college graduates and business owners. A recent study shows that they dominate the workforce by making up 36% of jobs and predicted to be 75% by 2025. A study also shows that when asked, a record breaking 86% of millennials said they want to make a good difference in the world.

To me... millennials are the transition generation. Everything is constantly changing. Technology, transportation, society, and so much more are changing... and millennials just seem to be in the crossfire. In my mind, this is the generation that will push us forward. You don't always have to listen to mainstream media to form your opinion on something... do it yourself.


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