Elon Musk- Candy?

May 7, 2018

This is really interesting. Elon Musk basically shocked the world when he tweeted this... but is it legit? Or is he just pulling our leg? It's an interesting debate. He has done things like this in the past. Not too long ago he posted a picture on his Instagram of a Tesla made Tequila (you can see the picture on our Instagram).

If this is true, what kind of candy will Elon Musk be getting into?... Read more

Jeff Bezos Net Worth

May 7, 2018

It’s been quite a 2018 for Jeff Bezos. Amazon stock has been soaring this year making him the richest person in the world by a good margin. His $130 billion net worth is almost $40 billion more than the next man in line at #2 (Bill Gates). Amazons stock is up $18+ today.

Will Jeff Bezos and Amazon continue their run of profitability? Will be interesting to see if monopoly becomes an issue at all... Read more

The Race To $1 Trillion

March 27, 2018

With Facebook stock dropping everyday over its recent troubles, the race to become a one trillion dollar company is narrowed down to four. Morgan Stanley recently upgraded MSFT saying it would reach a $1 trillion market cap in a year. Here are the current market caps of each company:

MSFT: $722 Billion
GOOGL: $731 Billion
AMZN: $753 Billion
AAPL: $878 Billion

It will be interesting to see where... Read more

Jeff Bezos/Boston Dynamics

March 26, 2018

Just a picture of Jeff Bezos looking like a boss with a robotic dog by Boston Dynamics. What a shot. This goes to show how far along robotics is coming, especially with the work Boston Dynamics has been doing. Is this good or bad for the future? Read more

Value Without Monetization

March 6, 2018

An often misconception in business is that to create value in your company you need to charge your customers money and create monetized value in that sense. While I think it is important to generate a cash flow to keep your business alive, It also isn't the most important aspect if you ask me.

There are plenty of businesses that are worth billions, but don't charge their average customer a cent.... Read more

Golf Retailers

March 1, 2018

Read more

Amazon Drone

March 1, 2018

Read more

The Legend Of Elon Musk

February 27, 2018


Many know him from Tesla and SpaceX, but the legend of Elon Musk started much sooner than that.

Early Stages:

Elon Reeve Musk was born on June 28th, 1971 in South Africa. He was always described as introverted and someone who kept to himself. He was so quiet that his mother once believed he was deaf because he rarely ever spoke. Growing up wasn't easy for Musk as his parents divorced when he... Read more

Shipping with Amazon

February 12, 2018

Another day, another industry Amazon is expanding into. The company recently announced they are coming out with a new service 'Shipping With Amazon'. The plan is to be like a UPS or Fedex, except much faster. Shipping stocks have already started to slip since the hearing the news. After the recent holiday disaster of packages being delayed, Amazon wanted to make a service of their own that could... Read more

Tesla in Space

February 8, 2018

Did Tesla just pull off one of the best marketing stunts in their company's history? With the help of SpaceX, Elon Musk just made a genius marketing move... that costed him virtually nothing. SpaceX was already receiving a lot of attention as they were launching the biggest rocket in space exploration history, but to make things more interesting Elon Musk added a Tesla Roadster and a manikin... Read more

Salt Bae

January 22, 2018

Read more

Bad month for Bitcoin

January 22, 2018

Read more

Mavericks and Crypto

January 22, 2018

Mavericks and Cryptocurrencies Read more

Amazon HQ 2

January 22, 2018

Some of the major cities include Boston, NYC, L.A, and Denver. Read more

With the rise of the electric car industry, we analyze the big player in the industry- Tesla

January 12, 2018

Industry Analysis

Market size/growth rate:

Tesla is in a unique situation when it comes to market share and size. The automotive industry is a hugely competitive industry and has been for a while. Elon Musk entered the electric car industry, which is brilliant because in 2013 global sales of plugin electric cars were less than 1%. The electric car market has continued to see growth year after year... Read more

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