All Things Good Co.

Founder/ CEO: Tom McGowan

How It All Started:

"I started ATG for a variety of reasons. In today's age the news is becoming hard to watch or read. I felt there was a need for a news/media company that thrives off only positive content, not the bad. While it may sometimes be important to see day-to-day news updates about bad things going on in the world, it's not exactly what everyone wants to see all the time. 'All Things Good' is designed to change that... we want to promote only the good things in life to better yourself, hence the name. This includes good news, stories, inspiration, and more content to learn from. You aren't bettering yourself from the bad media. With ATG you will be inspired, learn actual useful everyday material, and become part of a community that encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Follow our social media links and enjoy."

Giving Back:

" With ATG I'd like to also give back to certain communities and projects that are in need. We plan on eventually selling merchandise where a % of profits will go to projects we are helping fund. I think this is very important... I want us to be the media company that not only reports on a story, but fixes the problem as well. I always see stories on the news about someone who had cancer, but can't afford the treatment... or a veteran who is suffering, etc. We want to be able to help those people, not just tell the world about them. We can all make a difference if we really try. With that being said... we will have a patreon page where you can become an ATG member and give monthly donations. This way you will be able to feel connected with the news stories you see and know that you helped make a difference."

About Our Podcasts:

All Things Good Podcast W/ Tom McGowan

This podcast is hosted by founder Tom McGowan with the goal of sharing some of the best stories out there. We've heard stories from entrepreneurs on how to grow a business and succeed, musicians, tv/movie directors, philanthropists, actors, and much more. We believe everyone has an awesome story to tell. This podcast was created to not only share those stories, but also help better educate people who may be in the same field or pursuing the same dream. Building a business? Listen to our podcasts with entrepreneurs. An aspiring musician? Listen to the hip hop artists we've had on the show. We want everyone to feel connected with this podcast and be inspired + motivated. You can catch this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor. Enjoy!!

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ATG Sports Podcast W/ Jeff Pulver + Tom McGowan + Caleb Rivera

Our sports podcast is very similar to the first. The podcast shares inspiring stories from athletes + coaches as well as general sports talk to educate you on what's going on in the sports world. The team has interviewed a variety of professional athletes, some even including Hall of Fame NBA players. If you're a sports minded person or an aspiring athlete, this is the podcast for you. Learn something new with every podcast and be inspired along the way. You can listen to this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and other streaming platforms.

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All Things Good Creative: @CreativeATG

ATG Creative is a community of people that share their creative passions and hobbies. You could be a podcaster, artist, musician, builder, writer... you get it. This is a chance for people to share with others, but also learn from people and how to get started with whatever they do.

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You can checkout the blog on Instagram + Facebook at @CreativeATG or on the website.

ATG Views: @ATGViews

All Things Good Views is a travel blog dedicated to sharing the best places to travel, eat, and more. You can follow the blog on social media at @ATGViews or on the website.

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"With the right mindset you can do anything. The only thing holding you back from achieving what you want in life is the excuses you make along the way." - Tom McGowan

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